The Rosewood Park

The Rosewood Park is being developed on five acres of pristine Rosewood land that is co-owned by Dr. Marvin Dunn. It will be a private park to which no one will be charged to enter. The purpose of the park is to preserve a geographical portion of Rosewood as it was before the massacre of January 1923 which left the all-black town burned to the ground and caused the deaths of at least eight people although the exact number lost has not been definitively established. Blacks, many in their nightclothes in the dead of winter, fled their homes leaving everything behind as their homes went up in flames.

No black people live in Rosewood today and the Dunn property is the only black-owned property in Rosewood today. The old railroad bed of the Seaboard Airline Railroad connecting Gainesville and Cedar Key runs through the site. Some women and children were rescued when a train, owned by two white men, was brought in secretly to take them to safety in Gainesville about forty miles away.

The park will not be open to the public but may be used on appointment by small groups wishing to have the opportunity to walk on this historic soil and to have a quiet, historic setting to discuss racial issues in their communities and to seek solutions that work for them. With your support, the Rosewood Park will open on Sunday, January 8, 2023 for the 100 years recognition of the massacre.

Individuals, families, organizations, and businesses are invited to provide a bench for the park with a donation of two thousand dollars. Individual trees in the park may be named for donors with a donation of five hundred dollars. Bricks bearing the names of donors are available for a donation of one hundred and fifty dollars. Donations in any amount can be made by using the donate button on this page. Donation may also be mailed to:

The Miami Center for Racial Justice

8541 SW 181 Street

Palmetto Bay, Fla 33157

Thank you for Helping.

Dr. Marvin Dunn

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