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His book, Black Miami in the Twentieth Century, explores the highs and lows of black history in South Florida from black migration to Miami, through the Civil Rights movement, racist incidents such as the McDuffie riots and the recent immigration of black populations from Latin America and the Caribbean. A documentary based on the book, called The Black Miami, stars Prof. Dunn and is available for viewing on Amazon Prime.

Dr. Dunn’s second definitive book is A History of Florida: Through Black Eyes. This book relates the untold stories of African-Americans, placing them at the center of the story instead of as backdrops to white history. A chapter from this book serves as the focal point for this website, telling the tale of the Rosewood massacre through thorough research and eyewitness accounts.

The Kingsleys Race, Sex and Violence in Early Florida is a novel based upon the true story of an African princess who came to be known as Anna Jai Kingsley. She was captured at age thirteen in Senegal and brought to Florida by Zephaniah Kingsley, a plantation owner in North Florida in 1806. He married Anna and the couple had four children. Kingsley freed Anna and their children. The book is about the struggle that the mixed-race couple endured in early Florida when racism, slavery and the oppression of blacks defined the state.

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